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3 Ways to deal with addictive behaviors

by George Mensah

Most often than not, when we talk of addictions, our minds go wild. We think of drug addictions, sex addictions, gaming addictions, and gambling addictions. We rarely think of shopping addictions, internet addictions, Tv addictions, Music addictions, eating addictions, or risky behavior addictions. Yes, I know you did not think of that. I have addicted even some people to spending money.

Addiction is the inability to stop doing or using something that has tendencies of costing you or being harmful to your general well-being.


It’s more dangerous if you have a behavioral addiction or addictive behaviors;

Sex addictions, gambling addictions, internet, Tv addictions, etc. because these things are considered normal activities in society. I mean, sex has become very normal and mostly easy to get. Gambling has become a norm as well, and we are always on the internet. It’s almost hard to notice they addict you to these things. And even if you find out, you may have a hard time breaking them off.

If you have identified that you are suffering or may suffer from addictive behaviors, here are a few tips for dealing with them.

Identify your trigger(s);

You need to dig up the actions, things, or people triggering that behavioral addiction. What is it that makes you shop nonstop? Is it scrolling through online clothing shops? Boredom? If you can detect what triggers your addiction, then you can address the trigger, which will eventually dissolve the strategy and break the habit. One time I was watching a movie where the lady realized they addicted her to spending more than she had. She started working on her finances. But something was dragging her back to it- her friends. She realized this when her they dragged her out to spend so much on clothing, hair, makeup, etc. just to go out on a date. They gave her all the reasons she needed to spend. It’s only when you identify the triggers that you can break the habit. Remember that, interrupting your identified triggers won’t help solve your addictive behavior(s) overnight, but disrupting them will help you break into the pattern.

Identify what you really need and work it out;

Do you gamble because you need money for something all the time? Why not find yourself a sustainable job or start a small business that can fetch you money? Gambling is not sustainable and your need for money will always keep you going back to it. If you already have a job that is not matching your expenses, find another stream of income. Try to find more helpful and healthy ways of fulfilling your needs or desire.

Try to stay committed to breaking off the addiction;

The beginning is not always easy but if you keep your focus, knowing that it will be helpful in the long run, you will keep moving. Don’t be discouraged about the little or no results that may come in the beginning. Just be patient, committed and focused. It only gets better.

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