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4 Signs You May Have Given Up on Love

by George Mensah
giving up on love

Love, love, love–one of the most talked about subjects if not the most talked about. Everyone seems to have an opinion of their own. We see it in the movies, hear it on podcasts and radio, and read about it on blogs. Why is love so important to everyone? It seems to be the only thing the world truly needs. Because out of love comes peace and joy, or so I have oriented us to think. Because love is a good and enjoyable thing, someone has hurt and broken many in the quest of finding love. This has somewhat resulted in people giving up on the idea of love. Which sometimes was intentional and in others, not so intentional.

You just gradually find yourself not being interested in the whole “love thing”. You don’t even want to watch movies on the subject, yet alone listen to any podcasts or views on it. If you come across a “lovey-dovey” couple on your feed on Instagram, your first thought or response is in the line “Enjoy it while it last”. Or you are suddenly questioning the fidelity of the couple. All these actions may come as indirect ones. This means you may not realize that you are gradually giving up on love but you are.

If you have done any of the aforementioned acts, then these are signs you are giving up on love. If you are not so sure, these four signs may help you out.

Reacting to coupes and the mention of romance with disdain and pessimism;

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As I mentioned earlier. Anytime the subject of love comes up or you see a couple being so overly engrossed in each other, and your only response is freaking out or passing negative comments, chances are that you are giving up on love. As humans, we always seek to be optimistic even when things are gloomy. We always want to stay positive, regardless. It’s a natural thing. Even after breakups, we are usually hoping to find better people who will complement us and bring us the fulfillment we want. Hence, if you are so pessimistic about the idea or mention of love and romance, you are losing it.

Not taking good care of yourself;

I get that, the first few days and even months of getting through a breakup can be tough. During these times, you may not even feel like looking good or taking care of yourself. However, there’s a limit to everything. Love or romance and looking good is not even linked together. Neither should they be. If you find yourself not caring about how you look or what you wear, simply because of your current disinterest in men or women, then you have a problem. First, you don’t dress or look good to please people. Looking good and taking care of oneself is a necessity, not a choice.

When you no longer seek new people;

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You can get to that point in your life where you just do not want to meet new people. You simply don’t care for social groups or stepping out to the club, gym, or other social gatherings. You would rather maintain the old friends you have than make new ones. And your reasons are not because you are content with those already in your life. It’s just because you have given up on people and the cycle of meeting new people, creating friendships, and falling in love, only for it to end on a bad note. If this is your case, then it’s a sign you are giving up on love. Because the chances of finding love when you meet new people are high and all you are doing is avoiding it.

You no longer notice or regard genuine advances from the opposite sex;

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Love can have you so broken to where you no longer care what the intentions of people are. You can practically have someone showing you the most genuine attention and you just sweep it under the bus. You just don’t care. You think or feel like their feelings will change along the way and everything will end just like the previous ones did. If you constantly do this, you have probably given up on love.


Love is beautiful when shared with the right person. I understand finding the right person can be tough sometimes. But it’s still very possible. I shared love between two people. You first need to love yourself and have loved before you can give out love. After all, you can’t give what you don’t have. Keep the hope up and don’t give up on finding the one. He or she might just be around the corner.

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