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4 Ways to Be Mindful Every Day

by George Mensah

When we notice emotions coming up when someone cuts us off or sits in a long queue of traffic, we can approach these emotions with awareness, instead of acting impulsively on them.

The beauty of practicing mindfulness is that we can do it any time, anywhere. Here’s a list of some practical, easy ways to keep abreast of your day.

  1. Meditation
    One of the best ways to practice mindfulness is probably through meditation. This practice focuses on being present and noticing what thoughts and feelings are coming up.

There are many ways to meditate, all with a personal preference and a goal in mind. Starting a beginner’s meditation practice is a powerful way to introduce yourself to the many tools that this lifestyle will open up to you.

There are also a number of resources to learn from, such as the Headspace or Insight Timer apps on your phone. These apps feature teacher-guided recordings that you can enjoy whenever and wherever you want.

  1. Walks in Nature
    Nature is the first teacher of all. Being outside and giving ourselves a break from work, family, and lists of tasks is a beautiful and simple way to reset our entire system. Whether it’s a stroll in your favorite park or a long-distance hike, being outdoors gives you many ways to practice mindfulness.

3.Cooking a Meal
You can follow a recipe and be tuned to the ingredients, how long it takes to cook, to flatten the food, and everything in-between. This practice creates a magical connection between you and the food that will feed you.

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But if you have a favorite dish that you love to prepare and you don’t need to follow a recipe, take this approach to learn something new. We often make familiar meals at will, and in a way that’s automated.

4.Eating Mindfully
As explained in the previous point, mindfulness in the kitchen can be an experience for all senses. Once you’ve finished cooking your meal, another way to practice mindfulness is to know how to eat.
So often, we chew our food quickly, or are distracted by external stimuli, like a TV or a phone. Try to be aware of your meal time: smell the food, notice the colors and textures, chew slowly and fully to activate all the flavours, and pause between each bite. Not only will this help you enjoy the experience, but it will also help you decide when you’re actually full. It is a well-known dieting technique that has been shown to have positive benefits.Start eating carefully.

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