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5 Health Benefits of Watermelon You Should Know

by George Mensah
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I have said fruits provide us with several health benefits. Doctors and physicians over the years have encouraged the eating of fruits and vegetables. In peculiar cases, I recommend certain fruits for tailored health benefits.
Watermelon (Citrullus lanatus) according to Wikipedia “is a flowering plant species of the Cucurbitaceae family and the name of its edible fruit” It is said to have over 1,000 varieties and is highly cultivated worldwide. Some people do not just enjoy the fruits sliced, but blend them with other ingredients for smoothies and juice as well.

Watermelon has a sweet taste and is water-based.

Hence, containing a good amount of juice. It’s also packed with nutrients such as antioxidants, and vitamins A and C.
Helps with hydration; Because of the high amount of water watermelon contains, it can help with hydration. It has low-calorie density because of its high water content. Staying hydrated helps our bodies to function properly. That is the added benefit eating watermelons can give to your body.


May help improve skin; watermelon contains nutrients such as vitamins A and C. These nutrients have been said and proven to help with skin health. Vitamin C helps our bodies make collagen (a protein that keeps your skin supple and your hair strong). Vitamin A also helps create and repair skin cells. That being said, eating watermelons may aid skin health.

May help with the prevention of macular degeneration;

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Lycopene is a compound found in the watermelon and this compound may have benefits for our eyes. AMD is very common with the aged. Though research is limited, Lycopene may help prevent and inhibit AMD because of its antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties.

May aid heart health;

Watermelon contains lycopene and citrulline (an amino acid). Citrulline may increase nitric oxide levels in your body. Nitric oxide helps lower blood pressure by aiding in the expansion of the blood vessels. Heart diseases are associated with cholesterol levels and blood pressure. There is therefore the possibility that eating watermelons regularly may improve your heart’s health.

May help with digestion;

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Because of the high water content found in watermelon, it may help with digestive health. I said water to help move waste through your digestive tract more efficiently. This helps with regular bowel movements. If you have digestive issues which have not been diagnosed as chronic, you can try eating watermelons. It also contains a bit of fiber which is an element needed for proper digestion.

Watermelon is a tasty fruit that lots of people enjoy.

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It’s rich in several nutrients and compounds like lycopene, citrulline, and vitamins A and C. These are vitamins that have several health benefits according to studies. The next time you decide to munch on a watermelon, keep in mind the many benefits it may provide you with.

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