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5 ways you can remain Faithful in a committed relationship

by George Mensah
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Faithfulness in committed relationships seems unending in our present day. It’s on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and other social media platforms every day. Many people have shared and still are sharing their experiences about faithfulness. Faithfulness means different things to different people. But in all their understanding or explanations, one thing is common – loyalty and commitment.

As explained by Wikipedia; Faithfulness is the concept of unfailingly remaining loyal to someone or something, and putting that loyalty into consistent practice regardless of extenuating circumstances. If you look more closely at the keywords that define the word “faithfulness”, you may realize why people fail at it. It’s not exactly easy to stay consistent in difficult situations. However, you can only be called “faithful” if you pass the test of extenuating circumstances. More like not wavering no matter how hard it may be. Because, trust me, romantic relationships come in a full package and part of that package is anger, stress, bitterness, etc. It’s during the out-pour of these packages that our faithfulness is tested. Also, as the relationship progresses, you may have moments when you no longer experience the same excitement and spark as before and this may lead you into taking certain actions that may be considered “unfaithful”.

Now, irrespective of how difficult staying faithful may seem, you’ve got to keep at it if you want your relationship to be successfully lasting. It’s one thing to be in a long-term relationship with no success and it’s another thing to be in a long-term relationship with 90% success rate. So, as hard as faithfulness may seem, you will need it as a virtue to succeed in any romantic relationship.

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Before we look at the tips to stay faithful, take note that, “faithfulness” is not a chore. Don’t look at it like some sort of burden. Once you see it that way, you are not fully ready to commit. People who are ready to commit are ready to carry the cross of faithfulness.

Put on Honesty like a belt

Let’s not even beat about the bush. One action that seems to project unfaithfulness is “dishonesty”. Dishonesty is not just about lying, but also “not telling at all”. Keeping secrets in a relationship does no good to you or your partner. You should completely be open to them, even if you make a mistake. This shows them that you care, even if they’re hurt. It shows how loyal or committed you are to your partner.

Keep your “flirty nature” in check;

seriously, everyone is “babe, baby, boo, dear, sweetheart” etc. in today’s world! It’s become more like jargon than an endearment. When in a committed romantic relationship, you need to keep that “flirty behavior” in check because it can hurt your partner or make them feel less important to you. I mean, if you are calling every of your female or male friends “dear’ or “baby”, the endearment loses its true meaning. It’s important to ensure you aren’t giving extra attention to others, especially people of the opposite sex. Not that, be rude or unkind to others. Just keep it modest.

Understand there will be “off moments” and learn to deal with them;

It’s easier to look elsewhere when you feel a bit of disconnection in the relationship. But don’t resort to that because it’s only a temporary solution and is not “faithful behavior”. If you understand this, you wouldn’t find the need to act on instincts that could break up your relationship or hurt your partner.

Always Remember why you started;

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You may think that being faithful in a relationship takes hard work, but it doesn’t have to be. It may be hard at some point especially, if things aren’t going exactly as presumed. However, constantly reminding yourself of your commitment pledge and why you decided to start committing, will help you keep up. It serves as a refresher of your beginning and how far you have come on your journey. It renews your energy and encourages you to keep pushing because the end will definitely be worth it.

Decide of loving your partner every day;

Loving someone is a decision you have to make every day. A consistent willingness to always choose the same person. As mentioned earlier, you won’t always “feel in love”. However, on the path of faithfulness comes constant decisions and reminders. One of which is the decision to love your partner every day. Honestly speaking, loving people involves a lot of mind work than heart. Even if your heart is angry at their actions, a decision of the mind to constantly love and choose them will help you act differently.


If you want to remain faithful in your relationship, let your partner in. Staying faithful in a relationship takes a lot of genuine and sincerity. You need to work at it. The relationship itself is work. The level of how hard or easy it may come to you, depends on behavioral traits, however.

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