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AI features to Journal inking app by the tech giant microsoft

by George Mensah

A revamped version of the Journal app is provided by Microsoft Garage, an enterprise program that allows workers to function in experimental projects and provides first-line experience for people who enjoy writing, rather than writing. It includes noteworthy AI-enabled functions for categorizing your notes and providing other ‘magical and useful experiences.’

Microsoft Garage brings AI features to Journal inking app

Now many people have tablets and two-in-one laptops to draw and write in a style. These users have a great number of logs and similar apps, but many of them are very light-hearted, particularly for those who use Windows 10 devices.

The aim of Microsoft’s Garage team is to change it with the new Journal app — one that is designed to let you write as you like on paper, but with lots of features, such as word and sentence selection, ink gestures, support for importing PDFs, filter, keyword search images and so on, etc., that make life much easier.

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The software for the journal uses a basic scrolling function, Microsoft claims it provides a more consistent experience regardless of the orientation of the user. In addition, the AI functionality eliminates the need to continuously switch between modes (selection, eraser, etc.), instead of simply modifying movements such as drawing a line by a word to delete.

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A Microsoft 365 integration for subscribers is also provided in the New Journal app. Because it’s a garage project, the team notices that users can experience problems and bugs — the features are mainly “an early preview,” the company says.

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