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Alexa Game Control Adds Voice Commands To PC And Console Games

by George Mensah

You’ve probably heard of Amazon Alexa in the context of devices like the Echo, Echo Dot, or even the Fire Stick, but the voice assistant may soon have a much broader reach — all thanks to Amazon’s recent announcement of Alexa Game Control. This brand-new feature will go beyond Amazon’s Alexa technology’s current limitations in order to help gamers control certain aspects of their games via voice. Alexa Game Control, which was announced at Gamescom 2022, may one day find its way into many games.

Previously, you needed a compatible device to communicate with Amazon Alexa. Alexa Game Control expands your options significantly, allowing you to use any microphone or headset connected to a PC, laptop, or console. As a result, compatibility appears to exist on a game-by-game basis. One franchise has already embraced the new technology, and Amazon appears eager to make Alexa Game Control available to game developers. It supports Unreal Engine 4, Unity, and C++-based game engines, which should translate to a wide range of titles that may support it. Amazon built the new software using the same AI-powered technology as regular Alexa.

You can now sign up to test Alexa Game Control

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Amazon provided some examples of how gamers could use Alexa Game Control to improve their gameplay. At first glance, it appears that communicating with Alexa will be quite natural. To begin, you won’t have to say “Alexa” — the assistant will respond to specific in-game voice commands without being summoned, and those commands will most likely be pre-programmed by game developers. Players will be able to interact with non-player characters (NPCs), swap weapons, craft new items, and more by using voice control.

Amazon detailed some of the ways gamers could use Alexa. According to Amazon, some of the possible commands that could be used include “swap to my best weapon” and “where is the nearest workbench.” The latter is a real command that will be used in “Dead Island 2,” the first game to feature Alexa Game Control. Amazon says that in the upcoming game, players will be able to use voice commands for navigation or to manipulate hordes of zombies with a fun “hey zombie” phrase.


Amazon detailed some of the ways gamers could use Alexa S. Playing a game does not appear to imply that you must abandon your other Alexa functions. Gamers will be able to use the voice assistant for its original purpose, such as controlling the lights in the room or hearing the weather, by using the wake word “Alexa.” To participate in the beta testing of the new functionality, Amazon says you’ll need to fill out an online sign-up form.

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