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Amazon bans TikTok on employee phones, then calls it a mistake

by George Mensah

Amazon ordered personnel to delete TikTok from their telephones today, citing “security risks.”

Amazon’s e-mail to personnel did no longer specify what protection dangers the employer is concerned about or whether or not TikTok has already precipitated a protection trouble internally. Last month, we suggested on lookup that located TikTok’s app was once capable to examine clipboard information on iOS devices. TikTok stated it will cease gaining access to users’ clipboards.

“Due to protection risks, the TikTok app is no longer accepted on cell gadgets that get admission to Amazon email,” a message from Amazon’s IT branch to personnel said. “If you have TikTok on your device, you have to dispose of it with the aid of 10-Jul to continue cell get admission to to Amazon email. At this time, the usage of TikTok from your Amazon laptop computer browser is allowed.”

Amazon most likely requires device-management software program on telephones that get admission to agency email, giving the employer the potential to put into effect the no-TikTok coverage via casting off get right of entry to to Amazon electronic mail accounts. A screenshot of the electronic mail to Amazon personnel used to be posted on Twitter through New York Times reporter Taylor Lorenz.
TikTok is a social video-sharing provider owned by means of ByteDance, a Chinese company. The Trump administration is thinking about a ban on TikTok and different Chinese social media apps, as mentioned formerly this week. The United States has been imposing limits on different Chinese tech agencies such as Huawei, arguing that Chinese corporations can be compelled to useful resource the Chinese authorities with espionage. Members of Congress have additionally raised national-security issues about TikTok.

TikTok was once already banned by way of India, and the app halted operations in Hong Kong due to a new protection regulation imposed with the aid of China.
TikTok seeks explanation

Amazon did no longer provide an explanation for its reasoning to TikTok, a TikTok spokesperson advised Ars.

“While Amazon did now not speak to us earlier than sending their email, and we nevertheless do now not recognize their concerns, we welcome a speak so we can tackle any troubles they might also have and allow their crew to proceed taking part in our community,” TikTok’s announcement said.

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The assertion additionally stated that “[u]ser safety is of the utmost significance to TikTok—we are wholly dedicated to respecting the privateness of our users.” TikTok similarly cited that its customers consist of “many of the Amazon personnel and contractors who have been on the frontlines of this pandemic.”

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