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Amazon Kids is the latest FreeTime, adding modern technologies

by George Mensah

Amazon has often created models of its Android-powered Fire tablets targeted for younger users that came in with a service that gives parents some influence over those devices. The branding of Amazon, which revolved around the name “FreeTime,” was not always timely and could easily be mistaken for any other product. Amazon Begins Today, Amazon FreeTime is renamed Amazon Kids and it’s having a few more updates to make it worth the rebranding.

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Amazon Kids, formerly Amazon FreeTime, is a two-pronged feature that gives parents control over their children’s Amazon Fire tablet while also offering easy-to-use interface for young users and quick access to age-appropriate content. Now renamed to make it obvious who it’s about, Amazon Kids is also introducing several updates that allow children a little more independence as they grow older.

A new home screen interface that will be rolling out in the coming weeks will, for example, make them feel all grown up. Instead of a bland home screen, this revolutionary interface built for kids eight and up more closely mimics the look and feel of a standard tablet for adults. Of course, in terms of access and content it is still limited in the same way, so it is really just a visual improvement.

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Also, children will soon be able to make announcements via their Fire tablets if the family has one or more Alexa devices in their home. The feature will also arrive in the next few weeks, and hopefully will not be a source of irritation to other family members.

Despite the change of name, Amazon Kids is still open to parents. However, those who wish to get access to more content will have to apply to Amazon Kids+, previously FreeTime Unlimited, which only costs Amazon Prime members $5 a month, or $3.

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