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Amazon Prime Video Windows app lets you download videos with a catch

by George Mensah

Microsoft has lengthy been making an attempt to populate its app store, pushing each and every improvement framework, from UPWs to PWAs, to entice builders to soar in. There have been, however, some motion going in the contrary direction, with builders and manufacturers exiting the Microsoft Store instead. That keep simply acquired one large addition to its listing of apps however whilst the Amazon Prime Video app does provide some convenience, it curiously comes with an undisclosed difficulty as well.
It has usually been feasible to get admission to Amazon Prime Video from any net browser so one may surprise why hassle with a separate app anyway. Aside from retaining some things to do separate, there is genuinely one sensible advantage to this new Windows app that the browser ride can’t offer. Like what the Prime Video iOS app offers, subscribers will additionally be capable to down load movies for offline viewing.

That, however, may additionally have a quandary that neither Amazon nor Microsoft is telling upfront. The Verge reviews that nearly all the movies they tried to down load maxed out at 720p even if the video is listed with greater resolutions. That said, Amazon doesn’t precisely assurance what decision a video can be downloaded in so it’s enormously lots going to be a trial and error affair.

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Of course, you can usually watch movies in greater resolutions however you’ll have to do that by streaming, both from the app or from a net browser like before. The app additionally provides Amazon Prime Video’s famous value-added elements like X-Ray and IMDB integration so you won’t pass over a beat by using the use of the native app.

The Amazon Prime Video app on the Windows Store is on hand for free. Of course, it does presume you already have a Prime Video account, which requires an $8.99 month-to-month subscription charge until you’re already an Amazon Prime subscriber paying $119 yearly.

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