Amazon’s Alexa introduce email upgrade and skills to routines


Amazon’s Alexa introduce email upgrade and skills to routines

Amazon’s Alexa is getting the ability to automate more duties today and in the coming weeks as its Routines feature grows new capabilities. Routines enable you to schedule actions, carry out more than one tasks with a single utterance, or create custom voice commands.


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Starting today, you can create Routines in the Alexa app timed to begin after an alarm goes off, so you may want,  for instance schedule an Echo speaker to play the latest news, get a weather forecast, and read activities on your calendar 10 minutes after your morning alarm.

In the weeks ahead, Routines can be tied to sunrise or sunset, and can set off  email updates to share notifications from Gmail or Outlook.

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That means you can soon say “Alexa, good evening,” and flip on the lights, begin your favorite playlist, hear the latest news, and launch an Alexa voice app. Amazon now has about 90,000 Alexa skills.

Cloud Cam or Logitech smart home camera users will also be able to trigger routines based on when a person crosses its field of vision. This resembles the ability to connect a routine with contact and motion sensors introduced in August 2018.

Other latest upgrades for the AI assistant encompass hands-free Alexa on Windows 10 PCs, HIPAA-eligible fitness care skills, and an increasedpotential to recognize how to translate vague human words into action.
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