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Apple Could Reintroduce A Classic Internet Device

by George Mensah

A new filing with the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) has revealed that Apple has been developing (and has received approval for) a new network adapter. It may appear strange, given that Apple discontinued its AirPort routers in 2018, but the device (coded as A2657 by the FCC) appears to be running iOS 15.5.

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Apple has also filed for the confidentiality of the device’s schematics, specifications, and photographs, which it wants to keep for at least six months, so we won’t be seeing in-depth details for a while. We only know that Apple is working on it and that the details will be kept under wraps until at least November 15, 2022.

For the time being, it appears that the FCC will simply continue to put the device through its paces in a battery of tests, all of which are documented on the official filing page.

What can it do?

However, there are a few facts we can still glean from the documentation. Specifications such as output watts and frequency tolerance have yet to be released (possibly due to Apple’s NDA, or possibly because those elements have yet to be officially tested). It does, however, show the tested frequency range and power output (so far) of the new network adapter under a variety of testing conditions.

Apple's discontinued AirPort router

However, one testing report in particular reveals a few important hardware details. According to the report, the device will have an integrated battery, two gigabit ethernet ports, a USB-C connector, and some kind of antenna. It has 32GB of internal storage and 1.5GB of RAM, as well as IEEE 802.11b/g/n Wi-Fi standard radio, Bluetooth radio, and NFC signals. It is also intended to be connected to a host computer via a USB-A port, from which it draws power.

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When we can expect Apple to reveal this new device, how much it will cost, and when it will be available are all unknowns. More information should become available once the NDA expires in late 2022.

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