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Apple Music on Google Home Smart Speakers will add Assistant and Nest

by George Mensah

Supported voice commands involve asking for songs, musicians, and playlists, as well as genre, mood, and movement. Alternatively, if you have your own music library in Apple Music, you can ask for “Hey Google, play my songs” or “Hey Google, play my library.”

Apple Music on Google Home smart speakers brings Assistant and Nest to the party

As you would imagine, there is the normal support for single-and multi-group speakers. If you have several Google Assistant-powered speakers or smart displays, you can ask the Assistant to pair them by speech. Or, you can use the Google Home app – or the smart display interface – to connect various zones together to play tracks around the building.

It’s a welcome addition, and one that fills a void that seemed fairly conspicuous. While Apple would certainly prefer you to play Apple Music on its own connected speakers – such as the newly announced HomePod mini – it is not averse to channeling its contents to those of other companies. Sonos users, for example, have had support for Apple Music for a number of years, and last year they added support for controlling the service through voice command via Amazon Alexa.

Similarly, support for Apple Music was introduced to Amazon’s Echo smart speakers in 2018.

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Apple Music for Nest and other Assistant-enabled smartphones will initially be supported in the US, UK, France, Germany and Japan, Google says. No news on when other geographies will be sponsored.

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