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Apple TV+ released for Google TV

by George Mensah

You will be able to officially use Apple TV+ today when you use a computer with Google TV. You might have loaded the app side by side, if you had the intense urge, but it’s real now. You could be using a Google TV chromecast, and on this computer, you have a slightly smaller range of apps than you would have with Android TV – but that’s going to change very quickly.

Apple TV+ released for Google TV at last, more devices soon

The Google Chromecast app with Google TV startet this week will be available to consumers. Apple TV app is also available. You can find the app in the ‘For you’ tab with the controller in the Apps tab or in the apps lines. You will need a subscription to Apple TV+ to access Apple TV+ content.

After the Apple TV app is ready to roll out for your Google TV computer, you can ask Chromecast to open the application or programs in the app. These features and your personal suggestions and search results will start instantly in the United States along with Apple Originals. These features are “over the next few months worldwide.”

Click to read more…Apple TV+ will be free with an Apple Music student subscription

You will be able to see availability for Apple TV+ in the near future if you work with a Sony or TCL Google TV system. As Google says, in the coming months, the Apple TV app will also be available for more Android TV users.

UPDATE: The Apple TV app should be available from today, using Jonathan Zepp, Media & Entertainment Manager, Android and Google Play. For Google Chromecast with Google TV only, and in the next few months additional devices will be available. Take a look below for more Google TV updates, applications and new system expansions.

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