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As the 2030 Electric Future approaches, Mazda teases a sleek Vision Study Model Coupe

Mazda's future

by George Mensah

Mazda has long been an innovator in the world of traditional internal combustion engines. The high-revving pistonless rotary engine design was popularized by Mazda decades ago, and I used it with great success in the Mazda RX-7 and Mazda RX-8 sports cars. The Miata, one of the most popular and well-loved sports cars of all time, is also produced by the brand. Mazda has lagged in the new EV landscape. So far, the brand’s only available EV, the MX-30, is only available in California and has an estimated range of 100 miles, trailing most full EVs on the market today. It doesn’t help that the MX-30 is completely sold out on Mazda’s website.I used it.

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According to a Mazda press conference, the storied brand wants to speed up its electrification plans. Mazda unveiled its new Vision Study Model, as well as a new game plan for 2030.

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Although details about the Vision Study Model coupe are scarce, Mazda’s presentation depicts it as a streamlined coupe adorned with futuristic neon-colored lights. According to Motor1, the car is simply a “Vision Study Model,” and Mazda has yet to reveal what model (if any) it will be. Motor1 also points out that Mazda’s previous Vision Study coupe from 2017 never became a full-fledged model and remained a concept for everyone to lust after. This vehicle was used to inform design decisions for future Mazda models.

The Vision Coupe could be a preview of the new Miata or something entirely different. However, given that the previous 35 minutes of the video we briefly featured it in were all about Mazda’s plans, it’s likely to have some EV capability. Mazda has not confirmed or denied any plans for the concept car.


Regardless of what the Vision Coupe becomes, Mazda has recommitted to an electric future, announcing several new partnerships with electric motor and inverter manufacturers to kick-start its plans. According to a press release, “Mazda Motor Corporation intends to electrify all vehicle models by 2030…”

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