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BBC and Microsoft launches Beeb voice assistant

by George Mensah
bbc launches beta

The BBC has launched an early model of its earlier introduced voice assistant in partnership with Microsoft. Beeb, as the assistant is called, will in the beginning be made reachable in the U.K. as phase of Microsoft’s Windows Insider Program, where contributors will make contributions to enhancing the voice assistant beforehand of a wider rollout.

The launch comes amid developing tensions round how science agencies are commercializing person records via voice assistants and different digital platforms. The BBC, as a public provider broadcaster funded with the aid of license expenses in the U.K., will nevertheless collect consumer facts through requiring customers to log in with their BBC account, but it may additionally preserve a believe gain due to the fact its commercial enterprise isn’t constructed round focused advertising in the identical way as Google or Amazon are.
The BBC first introduced its plans for Beeb ultimate year, revealing that its intentions have been much less about launching devoted hardware comparable to Amazon’s Echo and greater about constructing voice offerings into its personal products, consisting of its internet site and iPlayer TV streaming service. Fast ahead to today, and we now have a first glimpse of what has been brewing at the back of the scenes: The BBC is leveraging Microsoft’s Azure AI infrastructure consisting of its speech consciousness offerings for the new Beeb app, constructing on myriad preceding tasks the two groups have labored on together, consisting of an experimental voice-controlled iPlayer returned in 2017.

OK, Beeb
Beeb Beta is on hand to download now in the U.K. for Windows 10 PCs and tablets, although solely these on the Windows Insider Program will be capable to get right of entry to it. (Anyone can signal up to grow to be a Windows Insider, however.)
Initially, Beeb will be in a position to play precise radio stations, podcasts, or applications from the BBC, with customers having to say some thing like, “OK Beeb, play Radio 1.” Users will additionally be capable to request a picture of the neighborhood climate and state-of-the-art information headlines by using saying, “OK Beeb, replace me.”

Other commands include “OK Beeb, tell me a joke,” with responses penned by professional comedy writers from the BBC.
Although the BBC could in theory open up Beeb to third-party offerings in the future, for now it’s genuinely all about optimizing for the BBC’s personal digital services. “We’re nevertheless in the early degrees of what offerings will be accessible on Beeb, however there’s no plans with third-party content material at the moment,” a spokesperson advised VentureBeat.

Clearly, Beeb has restrained performance in contrast to different voice assistants on the market, as customers won’t be in a position to ask popular questions from across the web or command Beeb to flip up their thermostat or comparable “smart home” functions. But Beeb isn’t virtually vying for the identical market as Google Assistant or Alexa — it’s greater about giving the BBC manipulate of its personal facts and enabling it to test with new points and performance besides having a 0.33 birthday party in cost of the go-ahead.

Data privacy
Most of the essential voice assistant companies have confronted substantial controversy over their managing of person voice data, in precise round how human reviewers ought to hear to non-public conversations. A former Apple contractor who ultimate yr uncovered Apple’s privateness lapses round Siri printed his identification closing month, criticizing the lack of motion taken towards Apple in the 12 months in view that his revelations have been made public.

According to the BBC, the voice assistant solely listens when it hears the “OK Beeb” wakeword, although the corporation pressured that the voice assistant can be activated if it hears some thing comparable to the wakeword — this is a trouble that has plagued different voice assistants as well. The enterprise stated that it won’t be making any audio recordings of what a person says to Beeb. However, it will continue textual content transcripts of matters that humans say, which will be used to enhance the assistant in the future. Some of these “anonymized” transcripts may also additionally be shared with Microsoft.

“We put off any facts that can without difficulty become aware of you when we shop this textual content transcript, so we won’t recognize who stated what, however we will be aware of what’s been said,” the spokesperson said. “So except you absolutely expose your non-public statistics — for example, via announcing your title and tackle to Beeb so that it receives entered into the textual content transcript — we won’t be aware of who you are when we overview it.”

One of the motives why the BBC will be reviewing textual content transcripts has to do with accents. Google Assistant and Alexa have difficulties with very robust regional accents, and the BBC is searching to set itself aside by using catering mainly to the myriad accents that exist throughout the U.K.

“We understand how irritating it can be when the voice assistants presently accessible don’t recognize you, which can occur a lot if you have a robust regional accent,” the spokesperson continued. “It’s necessary to us that Beeb works for all of us in the U.K., so we’ve been working challenging to make certain that it can understand these regional accents and precisely recognize what’s being said, regardless of the place in the U.K. you’re from. This is some thing we’ll be persevering with to boost as we enhance Beeb, and is one of the motives we’ve launched Beeb early, so that we can enhance its grasp of actual humans and accents.”

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An upshot of this, however, is that the BBC may additionally want to seize voice recordings in the future so that it can make comparisons with the textual content transcripts and test for accuracy. “If we determine to do that, it will be on a voluntary, opt-in groundwork — we won’t file every person except them explicitly telling us that they’re completely happy for us to do so,” the spokesperson added.

Curiously, Beeb will additionally be one of the first voice assistants to activity a male voice by way of default, even though others on the market do have the choice to change to a male voice.

“We selected a male voice for this first model of Beeb due to the fact it felt one of a kind from the different famous voice assistants humans use at the moment,” the BBC said. “Our ambition in the future is for you to be capable to pick from a vary of voices you’d like Beeb to have.”

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