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Cadillac Set to Unveil Three New Electric Vehicles in 2023

by George Mensah

The Cadillac brand has experienced difficulties over the last few years, struggling with its identity as an outdated and out-of-touch luxury car brand. However, the company has attempted to change this perception by introducing impressive vehicles that showcase its commitment to modernization.

In a recent announcement, Cadillac has made a significant move towards becoming a player in the modern electric vehicle market, with plans to debut three new electric models in 2023. These new electric Cadillacs are more than just cars; they represent a bold statement from the brand. According to Cadillac’s Vice President of Sales, Service, and Marketing, Rory Harvey, the company has plans to become an EV-only brand by the end of the decade, a commitment that aligns with General Motors’ goal of achieving carbon neutrality by 2035.

This move highlights Cadillac’s commitment to investing in green engineering and the brand’s determination to stay relevant in a rapidly evolving car industry. As Cadillac introduces these new electric models, they will position themselves as a major player in the electric vehicle market, and show that they are not only relevant but committed to the modernization of luxury vehicles.

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The burgeoning Electric Revolution has motivated Cadillac to make a splash with the announcement of three new electric cars to debut in 2023, marking a seismic shift away from the outmoded gas-guzzlers of the past. Details are currently scant about the upcoming models, but Cadillac’s previous foray into the electric market, the Lyriq, was greeted with fervor, despite being plagued by complications relating to its technical capabilities and limited availability.


When it did become available, the Lyriq won kudos from SlashGear for surpassing both the Tesla Model Y and Hummer EV in multiple key areas. In addition, Cadillac’s $300,000 Celestiq displayed the brand’s steadfast commitment to cutting-edge automotive engineering while exuding all the power, style, and environmental consciousness one would expect from a top-of-the-line Caddy. Given that every Cadillac EV to date has raised the bar, it’s reasonable to anticipate that the trio of new models to be released this year will be a formidable presence in the electric luxury motor market.

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