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Crazy Technology Is Making Snake Cyborgs A Reality

by George Mensah

Snakes with legs may sound like nightmare fuel to some, but they actually did have legs before they evolved. Some snakes have vestigial legs, which are essentially useless but demonstrate that snakes used to walk rather than slither. Snakes retained the gene required for leg growth, but an enhancer, which controls its activation, prevents it from being activated. According to National Geographic, the enhancer does occasionally turn on for a short period of time during development, resulting in the vestigial limbs found on certain snakes such as Pythons.

Allen Pan, a YouTuber, decided to create prosthetic legs for snakes so that they could walk. He created a set of four robotic legs designed specifically for snakes to allow them to experience what their forefathers did.

Crazy future technology

Allen Pan set out on a mission to recreate snakes’ long-lost legs. He studied the movements of reptiles with legs and used this knowledge to create the movement pattern for robotic legs. He also wanted to make sure the snakes were comfortable using these appendages, so he made a tube that connected the legs together. The snakes could then slither in and out as they pleased.


Pan then went to a snake breeder to put his creation to the test. They put a snake at one end of the tube so they could choose whether or not to go in, and many of them initially refused to go all the way through. They felt more at ease entering after Pan turned off the prosthetic legs at the start to reduce vibration, which snakes are sensitive to. keeping a relaxed posture for the ride While there may not be many practical applications for this endeavor, as Allen Pan demonstrated, you can now walk your pet snake (via Popular Science).

Whether or not you like snakes, this technology was certainly a success in allowing the creatures to experience the legs.

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