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Cyberpunk 2077 has been label on GameStop as defective

by George Mensah

It pours out when it rains, even in the dystopian Night City. Especially in the Dystopian Night City. Almost like this year, the most ambitious CD Projekt RED game so far has been nothing short of a total train wreck, forcing Sony to pull out its digital stores of the game from its PlayStation Store. Some retailers are following suit, but GameStop’s reported memo sounds almost like icing on the cake, accepting returns of physical copies of the game, and basically declaring the product to be faulty.

GameStop labels Cyberpunk 2077 as defective, accepts returns

While GameStop’s credibility hasn’t exactly been at its best this year, there are occasions when it does something right once in a while. It has not yet been officially reported, but Kotaku’s internal memo outlines how employees can treat demands for refunds and returns from the highly contentious game.

GameStop’s daily return policy is pretty strict on what can be allowed and what can’t be accepted. Items, like game boxes, must not be opened and the product must be returned within 30 days of purchase. Given that Cyberpunk was only introduced last week, the last bit is pretty much a given.

The memo, however, suggests that workers will consider even opened PS4 and Xbox One game boxes. It goes on to advise the workers to put the “Defective” mark on the product before returning it to the warehouse of the company. This is the most realistic summary of the game for some very frustrated players.

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Cyberpunk 2077 has rapidly become the biggest gaming debacle this year, despite the game performing reasonably well on PCs. Developers promised two more crucial updates in January and February next year, just a little too late to regain the game’s credibility. Some have also started to question if the CD Projekt RED itself would be able to recover from this tragedy.

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