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Elon Musk Accused of Sacking Senior Twitter Employee Over Decreased Tweet Engagement

The engineer was fired on the spot

by George Mensah

In recent news, Elon Musk, the CEO of Twitter, is said to have fired a senior employee in a surprising manner. The reason for the firing reportedly stems from Musk’s concerns about the declining engagement on his tweets, despite having a large following on the platform. With the recent incorporation of a “views” counter alongside likes and replies, it has become easier to monitor engagement numbers.

This incident is not the first time that Musk has taken such drastic action. After he took over Twitter, he publicly had a disagreement with a developer over the company’s Android app, which resulted in the engineer being fired via tweet. This latest firing was less public, as Musk was presented with evidence that his decline in popularity was not caused by a biased algorithm and immediately fired the unnamed engineer.

Twitter’s Basic Functionality Suffers

As this controversial situation unfolds, the basic functionality of Twitter seems to be affected. The platform recently suffered its first major outage since Musk took over, causing concern among users. As the former richest man in the world, Musk faces the challenge of making a previously loss-making business profitable, but his methods have been met with criticism.

According to Platformer, Elon Musk places great importance on the feedback he directly receives from using the platform, which may explain his reaction to the decline in engagement. An employee is quoted as saying, “There are times he’s just awake late at night and says all sorts of things that don’t make sense and then he’ll come to us and be like, ‘this one person says they can’t do this one thing on the platform,’ and then we have to run around chasing some outlier use case for one person. It doesn’t make any sense.”


In conclusion, the firing of a senior employee and the decline in the platform’s functionality has caused concern for the future of Twitter. It remains to be seen how Elon Musk’s leadership will impact the company and its users in the long term.

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