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Elon Musk Confirms Tesla FSD Is Getting Even More Expensive

by George Mensah

Tesla CEO Elon Musk stated that the company’s latest Full Self-Driving build will see “significant” gains, but so will its price. The Tesla FSD system includes a number of driver-assistance and autonomous features that improve over time thanks to over-the-air updates. For the uninitiated, Tesla EVs with FSD can transport passengers by utilizing various sensors and a slew of real-time data analysis. While most Tesla models manufactured after 2014 are likely to have the hardware required to run FSD, the software itself was previously a $10,000 one-time purchase or a $199 monthly subscription.

Despite being in the Beta phase, FSD experienced a price increase in January, with the one-time fee rising to $12,000. FSD received a game-changing update in v10.12 in May, which not only improved its safety but also resolved its infamous phantom braking issue. Now, Musk has confirmed that the latest version will be even larger… just don’t expect the price increases to stop anytime soon.

Tesla FSD is going bigger

Tesla’s FSD Beta wasn’t always available to all EV owners, but Musk is hoping that its wealth of improvements will make it more accessible than before. The Tesla CEO described the latest FSD 10.69 version as a “significant step forward” in a tweet.


Musk confirmed that the update began to be distributed on August 20, with a “wider release” expected by the end of the week. FSD v10.69.2 is expected to arrive soon after and will eventually reach every Beta participant in a “few weeks.” Musk did, however, add in another tweet that North Americans will soon be paying $15,000 for FSD beginning September 5, and that current pricing will only apply to orders placed before that date.

Although Musk has not revealed what those big changes are, he has stated that mass FSD release is one of his two main goals this year, referring to it as a “giant kahuna” that will require “insane work” to complete.

If the updates are as good as Musk claims, perhaps Tesla’s policy of restricting FSD updates to only the best drivers will be obsolete in the future.

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