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Epic wants to see the best UFO photograph of Fortnite players

by George Mensah

For its new Chapter 2 – Season 7, Epic has announced its first Fortography contest. This new challenge revolves around the new foreign subject, including its UFOs, futuristic weapons, and alien characters. This challenge, as you would expect. It is not surprising that Epic will start this season with this topic as part of its fortography challenge.

Fortography challenges have been posed by Epic for a while. Players have to take important shots from the battle of Royal Island that correspond to a particular theme that the company regularly announces in Social Media. The company monitors the images submitted by players and highlights those on its blog that it most likes.

Epic is calling on players to submit their best screenshots for this first challenge this season, which means that you have considerable freedom to photograph. The Company says that the screenshots are to focus on the new characters introduced in the new season, such as futuristic arms battles or dramatic UFO shots.

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While game players can record the screenshots, it is easier to play a game and then scrub back to find a particularly interesting or dramatic scene through match recording. Players can use replay mode to change the position of the camera, offering scenes that are usually not available in videos of gameplay.

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