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Facebook is about to change the way personal information appears in profiles

A total of four info fields will disappear from Facebook profiles

by George Mensah

Facebook has announced plans to remove some fields from user profiles, so certain types of information will no longer be visible to others who view your profile. Whether this is a loss for you entirely depends on how frequently you use Facebook and, of course, whether you bothered to fill out those information fields. Though such profile details can provide people with a snapshot of your beliefs, activities, and even personal history, they can also make it easier for someone to violate your privacy and potentially dox your other online identities.

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As the number of competitors grows and the nature of social media changes, Facebook isn’t nearly as popular as it once was — in fact, many teenagers are no longer interested in the platform in any important way, instead turning to more personal platforms like Snapchat and video-based ones like TikTok. This latest move from the company appears to be part of an effort to simplify — and thus streamline — the platform rather than anything to do with privacy concerns.

The change was first reported in a tweet by Matt Navarra, who shared what appears to be a Facebook information blurb informing the user that some of the information on their profile will be removed on December 1. Though the images show only two information fields being removed, TechCrunch reports that four will be removed in total. Facebook confirmed that the four fields will be for listing one’s sexual orientation, political beliefs, religion, and addresses.


According to a spokesperson for Facebook, the change is part of a current effort to “make Facebook easier to navigate and use.” It’s unclear whether this means that Facebook profile pages will soon be redesigned, or if the company is simply removing information fields that many users don’t care about and thus leave blank. Only users who have filled out one or more of these information fields will receive an alert reminding them to save the data by December 1.

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