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Facebook news is now in U.K.

by George Mensah

Whilst many people would certainly be searching Google for the latest news, social media played a larger role in getting news to more people, both true and false. This, obviously, has also brought them under greater control, particularly when it comes to page views, advertising and revenues, due to the impact on the news industry generally. Facebook seems to indicate that it gives both parties concerned a better choice when it initially publishes Facebook News outside the US.

Facebook News expands to the UK

Facebook News is, in a nutshell, a relatively new segment of his app which is news. It offers a collection of regular Top Stories, selected by person and news sections, instead of a simply list of the search results, which encourage users to explore subjects deeper. Naturally, there’s hope that you will also fully monitor what users want or want to obey, and personalization choices.

Facebook News’ features almost second what the social networking giant is so proud to be able to deal with newsagents and newspapers around the United Kingdom. Facebook has included, among others, Channel 4 News, daily Mail Group and Financial Times, in addition to its already existing partners, such as The Guardian, The Economist and The Independent.

Facebook would like to remind all of us that it has long-standing relationships with news media and in the internet era is seeking to build a sustainable business model. Actually, this Facebook infusion should boost the local news sector, particularly in these challenging times. In addition to spending more in news, Facebook also claims it is paying publishers to spend more content in more countries.

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That almost sounds like a subtle bumper in Google’s current situation concerning its own news offering in countries other than the UK and Australia, particularly in the European Union. Google recently agreed to pay news publishers in France and, if the regulatory agency of the government force their requests, was in danger of making Google News inaccessible in Australia.

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