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Facebook Will Pay Creators For Videos That Use Licensed Music

by George Mensah

Music Revenue Sharing is a brand-new way for Facebook to pay video creators for their work. With the help of this tool, creators can get a cut of the money made by long-form videos that use licensed music. The owners of music rights and Meta each receive further sums of money. This makes it possible for everyone who took part in the video to be paid for it.

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The video producer must satisfy Facebook’s monetization eligibility requirements and be qualified to run in-stream advertising in order to be eligible for Music Revenue Sharing. The actual video material must adhere to community standards, monetization policies, and music regulations. The video cannot only rely on the music; it also needs to have visual components.

Before, if licensed music was found in video content, the creators would simply lose all of their revenue. Facebook is the first social media platform to depart from this model because this is how almost all social media platforms now work.

How Music Revenue Sharing works

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The use of licensed music in videos is permitted thanks to music revenue sharing, but there are many restrictions that must be satisfied before artists can get payment for the video. In addition to the above specified requirements, authors must ensure that the song they use qualifies for Music Revenue Sharing. For this, Facebook has made a library of music available in their Creator Studio. Songs that are not on this list may still be used by creators, but they must first pass review in accordance with intellectual property laws in order to be monetized. The creators of the video will receive a 20 percent revenue share if it qualifies.


Music Revenue Sharing is now available, so video producers can start using it right away. Although a global rollout is planned, for the time being this Facebook creator function will only be used to monetize American films with in-stream advertisements.

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