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Fall Guys is on Nintendo Switch this year

by George Mensah

Fall Guys gained attention last summer when they released for PC and PlayStation 4. It seemed like the only game people thought about for a while, but some people wondered if Fall Guys were going to take over other platforms like Switch and Xbox. We finally heard today that at least one of those platforms will be released, as Fall Guys has been reported for Nintendo Switch.

Although the Switch version of Fall Guys has not been released by our company yet, today’s Nintendo Direct offered us the 2021 Summer version window. Furthermore, the specifics on this switch port are slim, because we had no additional details in the announcement today’s Direct.

Fall Guys finally comes to Nintendo Switch later this year

However, Fall Guys at this stage is mostly a known quantity. The game presents a very interesting spin on the war against royal genre and positions players in a virtual game show as bean men. The goal is to go through obstacle courses and competitive team games before you finally hit the last stage.

Since matches are not long to play (which sometimes happens to be over fast), Fall Guys always seemed like Turn suited and it’s finally moving to Nintendo’s handheld console. Does that mean it’s going to come to Xbox One too? There’s no announcement yet, but Xbox players are likely to cross their fingers now that the Switch version has already been confirmed.

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In any case, we will keep our eyes open for information about the autumn Guys Switch version and let you know if Mediatonic developers disclose anything about it. Meanwhile, check out Fall Guys’ commercial trailer in the above tweet.

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