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5 Ways to Make Your Partner Feel Special

This 5 tips will have your partner happy

by George Mensah

Most often than not, we get confused about how we can make that special someone in our lives feel that we truly care for them. You could try, but your best may not be your best or your partner may not see it. This leaves us questioning our actions and inactions. ‘Am I not doing enough?’ ‘I buy him gifts now and then’ ‘I tell her she’s beautiful every opportunity I get. Why isn’t she satisfied with that?’ Trust me, I know it can get really hard and frustrating. Therefore, I have come up with several ways to help you improve your relationship. Keep up with me;

Figure out their love language(s);

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This is the very first step to knowing how to make your partner feel special, appreciated, or loved. Love languages speak volumes. You may do everything you know how to, under the sun to make your partner feel special, yet, you find them complaining now and then. Maybe, it is because you are not speaking their language. You should try to find out from your partner. Have the conversation. That is the only way to find out. Don’t just assume or try to observe them. If you can find out what language or languages make your partner happy, you are on your way to making them feel special.

Stop ignoring or avoiding the ‘little things;

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Showing someone or your partner how special he or she is, does not evolve around grand and elaborate gestures only. I mean, it’s really sweet to go all out and big. But, that does not excuse you from doing the little stuff. For instance, hugging him or her randomly, reaching for her hands when walking the streets, etc. These gestures may appear simple, but they make people feel special to you.

Try not to hide your plans or goals from them;

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I know many of us to come up with the excuse of “you can’t trust nobody with your plans” etc. But, if you cannot trust your partner, why be with him/her in the first place? He/she is called ‘your partner’ for a reason. That reason is, to share in each other’s lives. It is therefore good to share your plans and life goals with your partner at any point in the relationship.


Whenever there are new developments, update him or her. These gestures will make your partner feel special and give some kind of assurance that, you both are in the relationship together.

Follow through with your promises;

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It is important to keep promises made to your partner. And if at any point you realize you are a very forgetful person, keep a reminder on your phone’s calendar. It pretty much hurts when someone makes a promise to you but fails on that promise right? So, why put your partner in that? Failing on your promises will give your partner the vibe that, you do not care about them. Or that, they are not special to you enough. I think it’s better not to make promises you cannot fulfill than fail at delivering on your promises.

Show gratitude always;

Regardless of whatever one’s language may be; gratitude is always a must. Nobody likes to feel unappreciated and so does your partner. Constantly tell and show them an appreciation for being in your life. These acts or gestures make them feel important and needed. You can spice it up by dropping them a ‘thank you’ card now and then or ‘thank you gifts’ and even sometimes a letter–where you get to write all the specific things that make you appreciative of them.

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