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Fortnite Creative Mayhem Piranhas Pickaxe is available for free

by George Mensah

Epic gives Fortnite players the opportunity to free the Piranhas Pickaxe by completing a game’s Creative Mode challenge.
This new challenge, called Creative Mayhem, takes players 30 minutes to spend on the Creative Mayhem plan, accessible through a portal or via the map code.

Epic has launched a Web site for Fortnite players interested in participating in Creative Mayhem.
Players must submit their quickest map to the tournament.
According to Epic, some players will “join top creators,” leading their teams to win in the main event.

The effort comes with two rewards: the Piranhas Picaxe and the Golden Flopper Spray.
Getting the Golden Flopper is easy— you just have to register on the Creative Mayhem website for the challenge.
Piranhas Pickaxe will need a little more effort, but less effort.

To get your pickax free of charge, play the Creative Mayhem map for a total of 30 minutes.
The map is available through a portal selection screen from Creative Hub by entering the code ‘1994-6642- 9073.’
The death map is now live and is accessible until 9 AM ET on May 11. As part of the tournament.

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You need to log on to your Epic Games account, then select a creator and then upload a death video to YouTube.
You can then share the link to the video on the website together with your best time.
The contents are checked from 12 to 14 May and the players qualifying for the main event are notified.

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