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Fortnite gamers figured out an convenient way to get limitless Gauntlet blasts

by George Mensah

Fortnite Season four is getting started, however gamers have already figured out a way to take advantage of an already-powerful hero weapon: the Gauntlet. This object permits gamers to shoot large electricity balls lengthy distances, amongst different things, however as with different foremost weapons, it has a lengthy cooldown period. It appears Epic didn’t pretty assume one element through, leaving a way to get around that time restriction.

One of the first hero weapons to arrive in Fortnite Season four is Dr. Doom’s Arcane Gauntlets, which allow gamers to blast their enemies with glowing green balls of energy. This weapon is effective — the electricity can be launched over big distances, dealing harm to structures, knocking players, and giving the wielder a raise into the air.
You ought to pick out the place to throw these electricity balls wisely, however, because after a few launches, the weapons have to cool down, an as a substitute prolonged technique that prevents gamers from spamming their opponents. Except they’re on a team.

As these days spied by means of Fortnite Intel, gamers have cited that the Gauntlet cooldown timer resets when new participant choices up the item. This capability that when taking part in on a team, one participant can use the weapon till it desires to cool down, then they can drop it and their teammate can select it up, getting straight again to blasting their opponents.

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This isn’t so a lot of a take advantage of as it is genuinely the usage of the object as it is furnished to players. Epic will, in all likelihood, swoop in to exchange this problem so that the cooldown timer sticks with every participant in a team, in any other case the Gauntlet spamming in Trios, Duos, and Squads may also get ridiculous. Though worrying in normal gameplay, such spamming may want to be devastating in competitive.

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