Fortnite x G.I. Joe crossover is official: Snake Eyes with the hunt


The character Snake Eyes from G.I. As planned. Joe’s squad, which has joined the new hunter from The Walking Deada zombiekillers to the Terminator and Predator, have been added to Fortnite. After a preview on its Fortnite twitter account, Epic announced the character that the latest hunter basically confirmed.

Fortnite x G.I. Joe crossover is official: Snake Eyes joins the hunt

The tweet with the word ‘Ninja Master’ was released last week by Epic and a sound transmission from Agent Jonesy which ended with the phrase ‘and knowing is half war.’ It was instantly recognized by Joe Cartoon as a teaser on Snake Eyes, the fictional crew’s sabotage character.

Snake Eyes isn’t part of the Season 5 Combat Pass but — if you want to play as the character, you have to go into the game’s Item Shop to buy the skin and its associated equipment. The role of the ‘hunters’ in the final of the game remains uncertain, but they are all likely to be seen.

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What’s a hunter in Fortnite? To grasp this season’s events and why strange portals to other worlds are presently visible on the royal battle island, you want to watch the Season 5 launch trailer.

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