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Galaxy A51 beat all other Android phones in Q1 2020

by George Mensah

If you ask 10 people what they think is the best-selling Android smartphone, they will undoubtedly have 10 different answers, even if some of those answers might come from the same brand. Of course, “best” can be subjective and be based on different criteria. but as far as Strategy Analytics is concerned, only one phone last quarter qualified to get its bestselling grade. And it wasn’t the Galaxy S20 or even a Xiaomi or a OnePlus.

Yes, it was a Samsung phone but the Galaxy A51 might have not even been on anyone’s mind as a bestseller. In terms of specs and features, it’s not that bud it probably won’t qualify as a flagship killer when it comes to sales. The mid-range phone was launched December last year and has the distinction of being Samsung’s first phone with the new rectangular camera bump that the Galaxy S20 would later on popularize.

That said, Strategy Analytics reported that the Galaxy A51 sold a total of 6 million units globally in the first quarter of 2020, making up 2.3% of the global smartphone market. That is admittedly a measly number considering there 275 million phones sold around the world during that time. But if you consider the hundreds of models available in that same global market, getting more than 2% is no easy task.

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The Xiaomi Redmi 8 comes at a close second with 1.9% of the pie despite being available only in China, India, and parts of Europe. The Galaxy S20+ does come in third at 1.7% and is the only premium phone on the list. It also shows how the Plus model eclipsed the more expensive Ultra and the base Galaxy S20 in sales.


Strategy Analytics interprets these numbers as an indicator of the global market’s move towards more affordable and even less-premium handsets. Of course, that inclination may have also been driven by global conditions that have forced many people to reconsider their smartphone purchases and save money for more important supplies.

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