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Garmin launches Quatix 6X Solar for longer boating adventures

by George Mensah
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Garmin has revamped its Quatix 6X with photo voltaic technology, which extends battery lifestyles for its boating sports activities watch.

The Quatix aspects professional modes for boating, fishing, cruising and crusing capabilities, as properly as different water sports activities – all introduced on pinnacle of the mighty sports activities credentials of the Fenix 6.
The Quatix 6X Solar manages to develop even large than the Quatix 6X, with a 51mm case that packs in the giant 1.4” display.
invisible to the user.

The watch has a widget on the menu interface that suggests you the photo voltaic intensity, and how lots it’s charging.

The Quatix 6X Solar will ultimate 21 days as a smartwatch, up from 14 days on the authentic Quatix 6X. That’s no longer simply the photo voltaic pabels – which add an greater three days greater battery, assuming all-day put on with three hours per day backyard in 50,000 lux conditions. That capability a whole of 24 days away from the mains.

The Quatix 6X Solar additionally introduces a Power Manager, so that customers have extra manipulate over settings and sensors, and their have an effect on on battery life. It even consists of electricity saver modes, which can eek each and every closing drop from the battery.
We’ve considered this tech before, of course, in the Garmin Fenix 6X Solar that launched ultimate year.

“We’re excited to introduce photo voltaic charging into the new quatix 6 series, giving customers the whole lot they’ve come to be aware of and love from this state-of-the-art and related marine smartwatch series, now with even longer battery existence performance,” stated Dan Bartel, Garmin vice president of international patron sales.

“Because of its special power-replenishing technology, the quatix 6X Solar offers mariners greater on-wrist time to experience their favourite things to do each on the water and on land.”

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For the uninitiated, the Quatix makes use of the identical measurement case and enormously a lot apes the characteristic set of the Fenix, however with a center of attention on existence on the waves.

That potential there’s a coronary heart charge monitor, pulse oximeter, GPS, HRV stats and VO2 Max – and will song running, cycling, trekking and golf – simply like the Fenix.
But that’s now not why you purchase a Quatix. It will hook up to Garmin Chartplotters so that facts from the boat, such as speed, depth, temperature, wind information all show up on the wrist, and you can even manage the boat’s autopilot from the watch.

That’s on pinnacle of SailAssist information that indicates whether or not you’re headed or lifted, waypoint marking and Bluechart G3 mapping, on pinnacle of the TOPO determined on the Garmin outside watches.

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