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Google Fit could be used with Pixel camera to measure health rate

by George Mensah

Fitness trackers and smartwatches that monitor the vitality of the body are a dozen these days, but it is not possible that everyone wants to wear one at all times.
Some have just their smartphones, but the number of devices with integrated biometric measurement sensors has decreased substantially. As with mobile photography, Google has found ways of making software do what specialist hardware would normally require, which is now being rolling out to the Google Fit Android App.

Google Fit can use Pixel camera to measure heart, respiratory rate

Measurement of the cardiac rate with the camera of a phone is not really a new trick, although others have employed the LED flash to literally shine a light.
Google does not say that but uses the same principle in its short instructional video.
In brief, it detects and measures the pulse in the fingertip using the video taken by the camera to deduct the heart rate from it.

Respiratory measurement rates are somewhat trickier, but they still use the Pixel camera, simple video and sophisticated algorithms of course.
Instead, the front camera is used to record a chest-up video of your body. This is used to calculate your breaths per minute, so that users should not wear accessories and wait for an activity a few minutes before starting to measure.

Google warns against the accuracy of such measurements for medical purposes.
In addition to doctor visits and professional medical devices, they are simply offered to assist ordinary people to get a general idea of their health on a regular basis.

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Google Fit’s cardiac and breathing rate tracking features first roll to Pixel phones before they expand somewhere else in the future.

Google also ensures that all video streams are processed on the device in real time so that no data is leaked. Even if you can save your results in your own choice with the Google Fit App, they are not stored on the device nor on Google servers.

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