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Google pauses enforcement of playStore billing requirement in india following antitrust order

by George Mensah

Following an order from India’s antitrust body, Google has suspended the enforcement of its policy requiring developers to use the Play Store’s billing system for user transactions indefinitely.

The Android maker updated a support page on Tuesday to reflect the change, and stated that the requirement to use Google Play’s billing system still applies for in-app purchases made outside of India.

The Competition Commission of India (CCI) ordered Google last week not to prohibit app developers from using third-party payment processing services for in-app purchases and app purchases via the Play Store. The antitrust watchdog also fined the company $113 million for abusing its dominant position in the country with its Play Store.

“Following the CCI’s recent ruling, we are pausing enforcement of the requirement for developers to use Google Play’s billing system for the purchase of digital goods and services for transactions by users in India,” the company said, adding that it is reviewing its legal options in the country and may challenge the CCI’s decision.

Google had previously extended the deadline for South Asian markets to comply with its Play Store billing requirement until October 31.


After interviewing a number of industry players and smartphone manufacturers, including Samsung, Xiaomi, and Microsoft, the regulator announced its decision. It also fined Google an additional $162 million for anti-competitive Android practices.

Several other countries are also concerned about Google Play Store’s billing system, which charges developers a commission for processing payments. Google is testing alternative payment systems for the Play Store in countries such as India, South Korea, Australia, and Japan in response.

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