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Google Photos Rolls Out Its Biggest Ever Feature Update for Memories

by George Mensah

Google Photos is capitalizing on our collective desire to share nostalgia with its largest-ever update to Memories, which displays snapshots from the last few years.

According to product manager Yael Marzan, the redesign will include more videos, including “the best snippets” from longer videos that are automatically trimmed “so you can relive the most meaningful moments.”

According to a company blog announcement, “even your still photos will feel more dynamic thanks to a subtle zoom that brings movement to your memories.” Keep an eye out for some Memories to feature instrumental music next month.

Marzan wrote, “It’s amazing how the combination of movement, video, and music immerses you in your memories.” “I frequently find myself rewatching these new Memories multiple times, particularly those of my children.”

Memories, which debuted nearly three years ago, appears as a circular image at the top of the Google Photos desktop and mobile apps. It uses machine learning to find the best photos from the same week a year, two years, three years ago, and so on. A “hide” option allows users to suppress people, pets, and places that are too painful to remember, while also aiding in the recall of good memories that would otherwise be forgotten.

Cinematic photos—3D representations of Memories—have become one of the app’s most-saved visual effects since their release in late 2020. And they’re about to get even more immersive: Cinematic Memories will soon turn a collection of still photos into an “end-to-end cinematic experience,” complete with a soundtrack that makes looking at photos feel more like watching a movie.

Google Photos is also releasing Styles, a graphic-art feature that automatically adds accents from artists such as Shantell Martin and Lisa Congdon to give your memories a little extra oomph.

Because reminiscing can be very personal, Memories are only visible to you unless you share them with family, friends, or strangers who follow you on social media. Users can now publish entire Memories online via Android starting today (iOS and web coming soon).


Meanwhile, a new collage editor tool encourages iOS and Android users to create shareable collages with their photos, design, and layout. Google One members and Pixel device owners have access to special editing features such as Portrait Light and HDR, as well as over 30 additional designs.

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