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Google plans another browser tools on privacy, ad transparency

by George Mensah
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Google plans another browser tools on privacy, ad transparency

MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif. (Reuters) – Alphabet Inc unit Google in the coming months plans to introduce another web browser tools to limit how users’ net undertaking is tracked by advertising and marketing agencies and give them larger insight into why positive ads are shown to them, the company announced in blog posts on Tuesday.

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“Our experience suggests that people choose advertisements that are personalized to their needs and interests – but solely if these advertisements provide transparency, needs and control,” Prabhakar Raghavan, Google’s senior vice president for ads and commerce, said in one of the blog posts.

The tool would enable users of Google’s Chrome browser to delete cookies, which are virtual tracking chips that some companies use to document browsing behavior, besides having to also eliminate cookies that allow handy log-ins to websites, Google said. It delivered that it also would restrict some possible methods websites can also use to evade the new tool.

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A separate add-on, which will work in a couple of browsers, will list the companies concerned in handing over an ad to a user, inclusive of intermediaries between the advertiser and publisher, Google said.

Google announced quite a few other new privacy controls and policies at its annual developers’ conference on Tuesday, at a time when multiplied public scrutiny is forcing larger transparency in Silicon Valley.


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