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Google Play Protect now treats AnTuTu like spyware

by George Mensah

There are nonetheless debates on the usefulness now not to point out the accuracy of benchmarking apps however now AnTuTu has an even better hassle to deal with. One of the most popular benchmarking equipment on mobile, specially on Android, the AnTuTu is over and over getting kicked out of Google’s ecosystem. After it received eliminated from Google Play Store in the past this year, the Android maker’s Play Protect protection platform is now treating the app as some thing dangerous, efficaciously scaring off customers from making an attempt to installation it.

AnTuTu hasn’t precisely been worried in some protection or privateness scandal, at least no longer directly. It obtained eliminated from Android’s first-party app save as phase of Google’s expansive sweep to take away all apps related with Cheetah Mobile, which has certainly been stated to encompass adware and hidden monitoring points in its apps time and again. AnTuTu denied direct affiliation however its admission that Cheetah Mobile is one of its shareholders used to be sufficient to earn a everlasting ban.

Google has interestingly stepped up its efforts to make sure AnTuTu’s benchmarking device has no area on Android, at least on these gadgets licensed by means of Google. Trying to down load the APK from AnTuTu’s website, which is now the reliable way to get the app, will end result in a obtrusive crimson warning about the website online containing hazardous apps.
You can, of course, nevertheless attempt to get a reproduction with the aid of websites like APKMirror however attempting to installation the APK will motive some other warning to pop up. This time, the warning is greater express in that it considers the AnTuTu Benchmark to be the equal of spyware. You can get round each hurdles however these warnings may be adequate of a deterrent for truely curious users.

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This looks to be a latest improvement as older variations of the AnTuTu app appear to installation simply fine. Given the automatic way that Play Protect works, there is additionally a threat that these extra current AnTuTu app variations may also indeed have these monitoring features. Either way, it doesn’t bode nicely for AnTuTu as some distance as its recognition goes amongst the majority of Android customers with Google Play Protect enabled.

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