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Google Says It’ll Crush The Worst Ads On Android

by George Mensah

Google’s experience with advertisements has been rocky. The business is highly recognized for offering its comprehensive Google Ads service to marketers all over the world, but it enjoys less favor with individuals who do not want to be advertised to, notably Android phone users who are frequently surprised by adverts they do not want to see. Some of the aforementioned advertisements, such as those that show up on the Google TV and Android TV apps’ home screens, can obviously force users to listen to audio at full volume even when their devices are muted.

According to a series of impending policy adjustments announced by the supergiant internet firm on July 27, Google may be reducing the detrimental effect of its adverts on many Android users in the future. On Twitter, Esper Senior Technical Editor Mishaal Rahman endorsed these policy revisions. If you’re not aware with the blog, you should know that Esper is a crucial resource for updates on Android DevOps. In a series of tweets, he clarified the impending policy changes, stating, “Unexpected interstitial advertisements are prohibited as of September 30, 2022. A full screen interstitial ad of any format that appears suddenly or that cannot be closed after 15 seconds counts as one of these. Interstitials that the user or the user consented into don’t interrupt can last for more than 15 seconds.”

Not everything will change, including advertisements. All Google Play apps will be required to respect FLAG SECURE and VPNService as of November 1. This effectively implies that apps won’t be allowed to access sensitive data displayed in other apps or build remote tunnels to other devices unless they are specifically identified as VPN apps.

How and when Google ads will change

The recently announced policy changes from Google won’t go into force for at least a few months, and it appears that they will be phased in. The (potentially) most significant upgrade will be implemented on September 30 when Google plans to apply its new ad policies across all Google Play apps, as Rahman noted on Twitter. There are going to be some very severe guidelines to follow, and Google basically says that any advertisement that appears in an unanticipated or awkward situation is against the guidelines of its new policy. “Full screen interstitial adverts of all types (video, GIF, static, etc.) that appear abruptly, usually after the user has opted to do something else, are not authorized,” are the exact words used.


The author continues in this manner for a few more pages, but the main point is that Google will likely end up taking harsh action against the worst violators. If that ultimately transpires, it might make Android appealing once more to people who were turned off by offensive advertisements. An initiative to target phony or deceptive apps is supporting this endeavor. Applications that erroneously claim to be affiliated with another app, developer, or business will no longer be allowed in the Google Play Store as of August 31. A new guideline that goes into effect on September 30 will demand that each app developer clearly disclose a cancellation option if their software necessitates a subscription.

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