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Google TV app to add Android TV Remote app

by George Mensah

Just as Google has not been consistent in its digital media ecosystems exactly with its messaging platforms. Google News once was a booth of Google Play that combined Google Play and Google Currents. Google Play Music was superseded by YouTube music and has now changed Google TV’s Google Play Movies & TV app that differs from the “skin” Google TV’s Android TV application. In fairness, Google is trying to consolidate things such as withdrawing an outdated Android TV remote control app and push it into the new Google TV application.

Google TV app to include deprecated Android TV Remote app

It probably won’t be much until Google builds a single “Google TV” on its video-on-demand platforms. It is still a clear question whether this is going to replace Android TV, just as Wear OS replaced Android, but Google TV appears to be focussing at least now on the user interface, viewing and, naturally, its digital content storage.

The old Android Google Play Movies app, which was largely replaced by Google TV, was also focused on those, but apparently it is going more quickly. 9to5Google found feature traces, both input- and back-buttons, which refer to a directional pad. The pairing of your phone to an Android TV is also mentioned.

These operations are already on the Android TV Remote Control standalone. While the app continues to be available on the Google Play Store, since 2017 it hasn’t updated. Given that Google may be moving to place all its Android TVs and videos in one basket, withdrawing such a standalone app makes sense and incorporating its basic functions into one Google TV app makes sense.

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Currently, these new features don’t work at all, but it suggests that Google could go to Google TV. Although everything can be good under one Google TV banner, the overlap with YouTube and YouTube TV could also be misguided by some other Google Play Music.

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