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Google Wallet is now available globally

by George Mensah

Google Pay will still be available in the U.S. and Singapore, though.

Google announced in May, at its annual Google I/O conference, that it would combine Google Pay with several features scattered across other apps into a new app called Google Wallet.

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Google Wallet is now officially live and available for download in 39 countries, though it will function differently in some.

Google Wallet combines payment capabilities with the ability to save vaccine cards, transit and event tickets, as well as boarding and loyalty passes. The features are similar to those provided by Apple’s Wallet, but Google’s version has some advantages, such as deep integration with other Google apps such as Maps.

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Some users may be confused by the name, as Google previously launched an app called Google Wallet in 2011, only to merge its features into Google Pay. With Pay (mostly) merging into Wallet, it’s now the other way around.


Now comes the confusing part. In the majority of these markets, Google Pay will be automatically updated to Google Wallet. However, in the United States and Singapore, Google Wallet will be available as a separate app from the Google Play Store, coexisting with the Google Pay app. This is for people who want “deeper payment experiences such as viewing and managing their transactions, making P2P payments, and saving money with offers,” according to Google.

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