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Google’s Pixel 6 Live Translate integrates the best of Google’s translation services.

by George Mensah

Despite the fact that Google caters to a wide range of customers across multiple platforms, Pixel phone owners often receive special treatment. Other Android phones may eventually get some of these exclusive features, but the best of the best will always be reserved for Google’s own devices. With the Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro only having access to Live Translate, Google’s best work in AI-powered translation services will be combined.

Pixel 6 Live Translate will combine Google’s best translation features

Even before Android phones became popular, Google had a translation service on the web. Using machine translation in other products such as Google Lens and the Pixel Buds has been a priority for the company since then. The Pixel 6 will consolidate these under a single “Live Translate” feature and integrate them with other Google and Pixel features such as Gboard, Assistant, and Live Caption.

XDA’s Pixel 6 Pro source was able to take a few screenshots of the previously mentioned feature, which Google had previously alluded to. Users will have to download language packs for the target language in order to use Google Translate. The translation features available will vary depending on the language selection.

For example, English allows users to translate Live Captions, Messages, text seen by the Camera, and an audio interpreter in real time. When it comes to apps, Japanese users are limited to Messages, Live Caption, and the Camera app. Messages and the Camera are the only native iOS features that are available in Mandarin.

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Live Translate may be an exclusive feature of the Pixel 6 and not available on any other smartphone. Because it uses the Google Tensor chip for data processing, that could be part of the reason. This also means that translations are carried out close to the source in order to keep sensitive information like messages from leaking through the Internet.

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