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How Fast The 2022 Toyota Supra Really Is

by George Mensah

There’s no doubt that the 2022 Toyota Supra looks fast, but how fast can it actually go? The fifth-generation Supra represents the resurgence of Toyota’s iconic nameplate, which now includes BMW engineering. The 2022 GR Supra trims, like the previous year’s model, have varying degrees of performance and features. The base 2.0 has a two-liter four-cylinder engine that produces 255 horsepower, while the 3.0 has a three-liter straight-six that produces 382 horsepower. Then there’s the 3.0 Premium, which is similar to the standard 3.0 but has more luxurious interior options.

There’s also the 79 Supra A91-CF, which is only available in North America and features a lot of carbon fiber panels. Production is limited to 600 units. Furthermore, the 2022 model year introduces a slew of new standard safety features, as well as an optional Safety & Technology package. So, how does all of this translate into performance? The top speed of the 2022 GR Supra is electronically limited to 155 mph (via Toyota). The four-cylinder 2.0 Supra, on the other hand, has a slightly slower zero-to-60 acceleration time of 5.0 seconds, compared to the beefier 3.0 variant’s 3.9 seconds. But surely the improved GR Supra will be much faster than those figures suggest?

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Toyota hasn’t made many cosmetic changes from the previous year’s model, but the price of the 2022 GR Supra has been raised slightly (via Autoblog). Aside from the 3.0 variant having standard heated seats and its Premium counterpart being less expensive, all 2022 models retain the same performance gains as the 2021 GR Supra. However, this does not imply that the updated GR Supra will only be as quick as Toyota’s official spec sheet suggests.

According to Car and Driver test results, a 2022 GR Supra can reach up to 160 mph with a zero-to-60 time that is slightly faster than Toyota’s claim of 3.9 seconds. Despite sharing the same platform as the Z4, the 2022 GR Supra outperforms BMW’s equally divisive roadster. Of course, complying with road safety standards means limiting the Supra’s performance to its maximum, but what if that wasn’t the case?

Can the 2022 Toyota Supra’s top speed be even faster?

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The fifth-generation Supra faces a lot of pressure as the successor to a legendary nameplate that is constantly lauded in tuner culture. Fortunately, Toyota prioritized customization when designing the Supra. Although it lacks the iconic 2JZ engine of its predecessor, the 2022 GR Supra engine — a BMW-sourced B58 — has plenty of potential for performance gains. Titan Motorsport of Orlando showed Speedhunters its fine-tuned B58 engine, which gave the GR Supra 800 horsepower.


The tuned Supra completed a quarter-mile in 8.93 seconds, compared to 12 seconds for its stock counterpart in Car and Driver’s test results. Sure, there’s a big difference in performance, but perhaps the biggest barrier to more power for the Mk5 Supra is its BMW internals, with its ECU and BMW ZF transmission proving difficult to modify. Having said that, given the performance boost its engine received from the 2021 model, there’s no doubt the 2022 Toyota Supra can go faster than its limited top speed. The ability to do so, on the other hand, is a different story.

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