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How Lenovo ThinkPads, ThinkStations is now having Ubuntu Linux pre-installed

by George Mensah

While the yr of the Linux Desktop stays a dream, awareness and adoption of this open source working gadget has possibly in no way been better. That’s partly thanks to companies like Canonical that push Linux no longer solely to agencies but also to consumers. The latter, however, would probable pick no longer to have to deploy Linux themselves on their new laptops or desktops. With the modern day fruit of the collaboration between the Ubuntu maker and Lenovo, they won’t have to, presuming they’re buying a new ThinkPad or ThinkStation.

Ubuntu on ThinkPads is almost a perfect match. Linux remains the favored OS of many builders and machine directors and those also have a component for ThinkPads and the younger ThinkStation desktops. So why no longer simply put those two collectively from the get-go?

This announcement from Canonical and Lenovo does exactly that, presenting consumers the alternative to have Ubuntu 20.04 LTS already hooked up in their subsequent buy of a Lenovo PC. Of course, it is usually possible to install Linux, no longer simply Ubuntu, on almost any PC after the fact, and Canonical even supplied custom deployment choices for putting Ubuntu on Lenovo computers. This, however, does away with all that complexity and confusion and has Ubuntu prepared the second you boot it up for the first time.

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The expansion of the program for Lenovo’s Ubuntu-certified devices isn’t simply about preloading Ubuntu, though. It additionally comes with the warranty that all of the hardware and software work collectively flawlessly out of the box. That even includes NVIDIA GPU drivers, something that any Linux customers will attest can be a large pain.

The listing of computers handy to have Ubuntu pre-installed spans almost 30 devices, which includes Lenovo’s famous ThinkPad X1 series. These will be handy globally starting this month but will only be rolling out in phases all at some stage in 2021.

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