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How to follow your favorite sports teams in Apple News with iOS 16

by George Mensah

Fans of sports, rejoice! Following your favorite sports teams on Apple News has just gotten a whole lot easier.

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With iOS 16, your iPhone’s Apple News app now includes a dedicated sports section called “My Sports.” Previous iOS versions included sports content in Apple News, allowing you to search for stories and follow channels and topics related to your favorite sports and teams. However, it is now all in one place.

Best of all, you can follow your favorite teams in addition to channels and topics that provide sports coverage. The My Sports section not only contains stories and highlights, but it also displays scores, schedules, and standings for the teams/leagues you follow. Premium articles will also be available to Apple News+ subscribers.

Here’s how to get started.

  1. Open Apple News and go to the Today tab.

Surprisingly, accessing the My Sports feature is not immediately obvious. You’ll have to scroll through all of the news sections until you reach the Sports section. But once there, it’s simple to set up. You’ll either be prompted with a pop-up to enable the feature, or you’ll see a “Get Started” button in the Sports section of the feed. Either way, you’ll be taken to the setup page.

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  1. Choose your preferences.

On the “Manage My Sports” page, you can select which leagues and sports you want to follow. Select your favorites and press the “Done” button.

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  1. Enjoy all that My Sports has to offer.

After you’ve decided which teams and leagues to follow, navigate through your personalized My Sports section to get acquainted.

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In “Scores & Schedule,” you can keep track of recent game scores as well as information about ongoing/upcoming games. One of the most intriguing aspects of My Sports is that it is fully integrated with Apple TV, allowing you to watch live games on your iPhone or TV (provided you have Apple TV+ or another sports streaming subscription).

You can manage which teams and sports you want to follow in the “Following” section. What you follow appears in the order in which it is listed in this section, so you can rearrange it to see what you want to see first.

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The “Highlights” section comes next, followed by curated news based on your preferences and then news specific to each team/league you follow.

You don’t have to scroll through the “Today” tab every time you want to check it now that you’ve set up My Sports. Instead, tap “Following” and scroll down to the “Sports” section, where “My Sports” is at the top.

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