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How Xiaomi Mi 11 receive DisplayMate’s highest A+ grade

by George Mensah

It might be launched as a copycat for Apple iPhone, both in software and hardware design. That phase had already gradually come to an end and is now a force to be reckoned with, especially in recent years. The Chinese company has gone further than offering dirt-cheap devices and has proven its efficiency throughout a few areas. Its latest feat is DisplayMate’s top-notch bag, putting on the same stage as Samsung and Apple until it comes to good display.

Xiaomi Mi 11 gets DisplayMate’s highest A+ grade

DisplayMate distills some of the key points of the record-breaking success of the Xiaomi Mi 11 show. It notes that when it comes to color accuracy and contrast, the display of the phone is visually distinct from ideal. In both overall brightness for OLED and peak show brightness, it also gets the highest ratings.

The Xiaomi Mi 11 has the highest visible screen resolution among its tested phones, which features a 6,81 inch AMOLED display in a 3200 to1440 resolution. Funny, 4K resolutions are somewhat useless, since they don’t seem to be clearer than a smartphone in visual terms on a small screen.

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Chosen to take itself on own, this DisplayMate review may not be all that impressive, but Xiaomi has also sneaked into the top 5 of DxOMark. After all, the company is slowly implying its presence in the large value, that will give more expensive brands such as Samsung and even Huawei notice.

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