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Instagram rolls out in-app scheduling tool to all professional accounts

a new "Schedule this post" toggle will appear

by George Mensah

Instagram has announced the availability of an in-app scheduling tool for all professional accounts in its app. The new tool enables businesses and creators to schedule posts ahead of time without the need for third-party apps or Creator Studio. Social media managers and creators have long relied on third-party tools to schedule Instagram posts, so the new scheduling tool will almost certainly change the game. The official launch comes after the social network began testing the scheduling tool with a small group of users a few weeks ago.

Businesses and creators will be able to schedule posts, reels, and carousels directly in the app up to 75 days in advance with the new tool.

After you’ve created a post, go to “Advanced settings” to access the scheduling tool. Then, a new “Schedule this post” toggle will appear. After you’ve chosen the new option, you’ll be able to set the time and date for the post to go live. You must then return to the Instagram post flow and select “schedule.” Scheduled posts will be visible to creators and businesses in the “Scheduled Content” section of the hamburger menu. You can also reschedule content in this section if necessary.

The new tool’s release isn’t exactly surprising, given that app researcher Alessandro Paluzzi revealed in July that Instagram was working on a scheduling feature.


Instagram hasn’t said when or if regular accounts will be able to use the in-app scheduling tool, but TechCrunch has reached out to learn more. It’s worth noting that anyone can upgrade to a professional account by going to their account settings.

In addition to the new scheduling tool, Instagram has launched “Achievements” in reels. Creators will be able to unlock achievements in relation to specific actions when creating a reel, such as collaborating with another creator, engaging with their community by making reels more interactive, making more than one reel in a week, or using trending audio and effects. Creators will be notified when they have unlocked an achievement after publishing their reel. They will also be able to keep track of the accomplishments they have and have not earned. Beginning this week, Instagram will be testing Achievements globally.

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