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iOS 13.1.3 continues rapid rollout of urgent bug fixes

by George Mensah

It has been almost two weeks since we last heard of an iOS 13 update which suggests that things may have finally settled down a bit. Of course, the battle against bugs and security holes never really ends and, fortunately’ neither do the rollout of software updates. Perhaps a bit earlier than initially planned, Apple has released iOS 13.1.3 that continues the march of fixes to bugs that were sadly never caught during testing.

Though not as terrible as other updates, iOS 13.0 had Apple scrambling to patch up showstopping bugs and security holes after the release went public. In a span of more or less two weeks, Apple released 13.1, 13.1.1, and 13.1.2 in almost rapid succession.

Apple did take a breather before releasing iOS 13.1.3 but the things it fixes are no less serious. If you’ve ever missed a call because your iPhone never rang or even vibrated or if you’ve had problems pairing your Apple Watch, then this is the release that fixes those. Notably, it also improves connectivity with Bluetooth audio devices, including headsets and even critical hearing aids.

So far, no glaring security issue was mentioned in the changelog but Apple doesn’t always publish that particular kind of info anyway. iPhone users who are affected by these and other bugs may want to get the update ASAP though with a bit of caution. Even minor iOS updates have been known to break things these days.

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Some might wonder why these bugs weren’t caught in QA but, without actually knowing the details, these might have been triggered only by a specific set of circumstances that only happen in the wild. For its lapses in iOS 13, Apple is fortunately at least ready to eschew its fixed release schedules in order to get these patches out as soon as they can. Hopefully with careful testing, of course.

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