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iPhone 14 Pro Camera Upgrade Could Come With A Price Shock

by George Mensah

Apple is preparing to unveil the next generation of iPhones at its “Far Out” event next week. The much-anticipated September 7 event will almost certainly see the introduction of four new iPhone models, including the iPhone 14, iPhone 14 Pro, iPhone 14 Max, and top-tier iPhone 14 Pro Max. Aside from refreshing Apple’s smartphone lineup, the event may also see the introduction of a couple of other Apple products. The likely cancellation of Apple’s small-screened smartphone, the iPhone Mini, is a significant change in Apple’s iPhone strategy this time.

There has been no shortage of iPhone-related rumors in 2022, as there has been every year. While we usually ignore outrageous (and unlikely) rumors from suspect sources, we do listen to reputable analysts with proven track records. Consider noted analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, who has been making Apple-related predictions for as long as we can remember. Given Ming-Chi Kuo’s track record of accuracy, anyone remotely interested in upcoming Apple products pays attention to what he says in his tweets.

Kuo makes several interesting observations about the camera setup on the iPhone 14 Pro lineup in a recent tweet thread.

Improved ultra-wide camera to make the iPhone 14 Pro more expensive?

image 292

Apple is expected to replace the ultra-wide camera on the iPhone 14 Pro series with a larger sensor, according to Kuo. This sensor also has a larger pixel size (1.4m pixels) than previous models, which had a pixel size of only 1.0m. On paper, this should translate to improved low-light sensitivity and lower noise levels. While all of this sounds great for the iPhone 14 lineup’s camera capabilities, these enhancements may also drive up the prices of these phones. The main culprits behind this impending price increase are three key camera components; Kuo specifically mentions the “CIS (image sensor), VCM (voice coil motor), and CCM (camera module)” in his thread.


Surprisingly, a similar price increase does not appear to be occurring with the rest of the camera system on the iPhone 14 Pro. Despite the fact that the iPhone 14 Pro series may include camera upgrades across the board, this is not the case. The primary wide-angle sensor on the iPhone 14 Pro, for example, is said to be 1/1.3-inch this year, up from the older 1/1.65-inch sensor on the iPhone 13 Pro models. Despite boasting several improvements, the price of this improved sensor hasn’t changed much.

With only a week until the iPhone 14 series is released, we won’t have to wait long to see if Apple decides to pass on the increased cost of the improved ultrawide sensor to customers.

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