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iPhone sales are dropping but Apple can still turn things around

by George Mensah
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iPhone sales are dropping but Apple can still turn things around

Apple reported that iPhone revenues has dropped by  17% in the first quarter of 2019. Since it no longer discloses unit volumes, you’ll have to take the phrase of third-party analysts who declare that the company sold anywhere from 23 to 30% fewer iPhones throughout that period. Whichever value you take, the truth remains that it’s a history of low for a company’s whose largest cash maker is its smartphones.

CEO Tim Cook blamed the dropp on a number of factors, which includes “incoming headwinds from weaker foreign currencies.” He was once coy about the effect of sluggish revenue in China however adjusting prices there as well as in India speaks extra than any PR statement. It isn’t just the economic factors that are inflicting the iPhone to lose its footing. The iPhone and Apple themselves are partly to blame.

iphone sales dropp
Apple’s smartphone has discovered itself unceremoniously shoved out of the spotlight when it comes to mobile photography, a market where the iPhone was once unchallenged for a time. You might no longer put much belief in the likes of DxOMark but in the influence it has in shaping market perception. Apple may additionally spend hundreds if not thousands of dollars in Shot on iPhone campaigns however Samsung and Huawei are letting reviewers do the speaking for them. And those reviews are favoring the iPhone’s rivals.

IPhone is the best phone so far.

Unlike iPhones whose features are equally reachable in all markets, services don’t offer the same experience everywhere. You can already see that in how some books, music, or movies are unavailable in certain markets because of the difficult topics that are copyrights, trademarks, and licenses. And that’s no longer even thinking about the markets where services are now not reachable entirely. Or, if they are, they are required to play via definitely special rules, depending on the government. Yes, that specifically capacity China at this factor in time.

Services will require Apple to put out hardware where these will be used. Sure, it can install apps on Android however that has in no way been Apple’s way. It usually needs to control every part of the ecosystem and it will want a mobile machine where buyers can access those services, which rather much describes the iPhone.

Apple’s way out of this stoop isn’t to shift its focus to services, though that can constantly appear in parallel anyway. Fortunately, it is taking some steps in the proper direction, like tweaking local prices or offering approaches to soften the blow of high-priced iPhone purchases. It needs to take bigger steps, though, to secure its footing again.

It has to be at the top of the smartphone digital camera sport again, for one, and make sure it stays unbeaten for two rounds at least. While iPhone cameras aren’t blatantly bad, their enhancements for the past years have been incremental at best, specially when going through the  Google’s software algorithms or Huawei’s 5x optical zoom. When a Xiaomi phone at half of the rate beats your most high priced best, there would possibly be something wrong somewhere.

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The more tough tablet to swallow, however, is pricing. Positioning the iPhone as a luxurious device labored well for Apple in the past but now it is coming back to hang-out it. It is clearly becoming a luxury item that very few can afford and, therefore, threat turning into much less of a household name. Apple has proven it can do magnificent things even with hardware that may additionally make Android phones feel suffocated. It has also proven it can create quality item for less. Perhaps it’s time for the next iPhone SE that will become Apple’s gateway to its greater lucrative business

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