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iPhones will get a periscopic telephoto lens in 2023

by George Mensah

An interesting feature that will come up to future iPhone models in 2023, is floating through a new rumor. The rumor is written by well-known Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo.
Kuo wrote that iPhones would adopt a Periscopic telephoto lens in 2023, shared with TF Securities customers.

Rumor suggests iPhones will get a periscopic telephoto lens by 2023

The analyst did not tell us what the new Apple camera technology would expect.
Apple is rumored to work for a period of time on a periscopic lens to improve optic zoom.
Earlier, Kuo indicated he expects the new lens technology to be used by Apple by 2022.

A new rumor floats around and concentrates on .
It seems that with his most recent research note he pushes this back.
In the case of the high-end iPhone models, Apple is a bit behind the times.
Other manufacturers of smartphones such as Huawei already use lens periscopes.
The Huawei P30 Pro specifically has a five-times optical zooming periscope lens.

It’ll probably have similar zoom capabilities when Apple adopts the tech.
IPhone models have a zoom optical currently, but at 2.5 optical zoom and 12 digital zoom it maximizes. Kuo believes that the 2021 iPhone model will have a new Face ID transmitter built of plastic rather than glass in conjunction with rumors about a periscope lens for 2023.

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One mystery about this change is if the use of the new material makes some improvement or if Apple’s money is saved. 2021 iPhone models are known for upgrading the telephoto lens with Apple from a five-element to a six-element lens on high end of the series.
According to Kuo, high-end iPhone models will receive the seven-element lens by 2022, with telephoto feature improvements.
Apple will also use the new unibody lens design in 2022, which will reduce the size of the front camera module.

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